BollyHolly Fusion

A Vanishing Cinema and Blinking Peacock production.
The greatest filmmaking journey I've been on about a film that never got made.

While developing Xtreme City, a Bollywood-Hollywood Fusion film penned by the legendary Paul Schrader, set to star Leonardo DiCaprio and Shah Rukh Khan with Martin Scorsese on board as an Executive Producer we filmed parts of our journey. One day we decided to put it together.

Featuring an interview with Mushtaq Sheik (co-writer) who introduces a western audience to the world of Indian Cinema (Bollywood) along with footage from our famous meeting in Berlin with Martin Scorsese, Leonardo Di Caprio, Paul Schrader, Shah Rukh Khan, and Karan Johar it gives a glimpse into our 2.5 year roller coaster ride!

Although the film never got made it was one of the greatest filmmaking adventures I've been on. David Weisman and I, as producing partners, optioned the screenplay from Paul Schrader. From LA to Mumbai to New York to Berlin it was an unforgettable experience.

Why was the film never made? We could tell you but then...(you know how it ends).

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